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The objectives of the project are:


1. To create learning spaces for aged women with fewer opportunities and promote educational pathways to foster mental health, raise self-awareness, self-expression, and creativity, and achieve with the combination of mindfulness, creative processes and the use of natural resources a state of wellbeing and self-realization.

2. To provide adult women with competences on the facilitation of circles of women; to actualize, develop and activate inner resources to became a source of support for other women in this transition period.

3. To contribute with knowledge and expertise to a culture of empowerment in adult women.

Mujeres con Bengalas

For who is it?

For Women around 50

Are for women with fewer opportunities and that could be in risk of social exclusion around the age of 50, that are in a transition process of maturity and that want to take advantage of the changes going on in their life, for re-sourcing, re-starting and re-orienteering their professional and private life, and for becoming an active source of change in their lifes and for other women around them.

They are also women that want to invest in their wellbeing and in their mental and physical health, and interested in rediscovering the power nature has for our wellbeing at all levels; physical, emotional and mental understood as a whole indivisible.

Some of these women could also want to engage on a deeper level and learn to facilitate themselves circles of women, create their own local environment and spaces for learning and growing together with other women.


1.  Circles of women, (5 workshops on each partner country)

- a 5 step progressive program to guide adult women in their personal empowerment.

2. Training Retreat; training on facilitation of circles of women (1 in each partner country)

- a creation of a common program for the local training retreat based on the evaluation of the women circles

- to learn how to set up and lead women circles, and become initiated as adult educators.

3. Practical handbook "Women Rise",

- already existing pioneer program, enriched by the partners experience and that will be based on leading circles of women.

- tested in the 5 step program of circles of women.

4. A final conference at the en of the project. 

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