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RE INCLUSION is important

“Re-inclusion is Important” is an Erasmus plus project that was born to answer the needs of young people returning from their short and long-term ESC volunteer, as well as answering the needs of their supporting organizations, providing them with the tools and knowledge to perform their role in a more effective way.


Explore Your Potential

The project aims at providing wider access to inclusion programs for the youth at risk of re-offending (21-30 years old prison inmates or probation clients) through preventive work based on NFL methods. We want to address two specific topics - violent behavioral patterns and substance abuse disorders, both initiating and fueling unhealthy relationships, resulting in a major risk of social marginalization and self-isolation among this youth segment.

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This transnational cooperation for this project, aims at bringing together diverse and complementar expertise, experiences and know-how to provide teachers and educators with an inclusive and effective educational approach for the promotion of mental health and wellbeing through Embodied teaching based on exploration, experience and embodiment, for the self empowerment of pre-adolescents and adolescents. Within the framework of Social and Emotional Learning (SEL), this proposal aims at developing and introducing in schools a Gestalt approach and methodologies based on the relevance of Embodied Teaching through gestalt principles sustained on exploration, experience and embodiment, taking into account mind, body and emotions as a unity that can not be separated.


Youth Centres for Mental Health of young people- YCMHYP

The project Youth Centres for Mental Health of Young People, identifies three key areas, namely support for youth workers, social inclusion and quality promotion in youth work. The purpose of the project is to empower youth workers with general knowledge and skills for recognizing young people in mental distress through selected priority areas, and to additionally train and provide them with information and knowledge in the field of first psycho-social assistance to young people. 


Once Upon a Mind

Many young people across the EU are feeling emotional imbalance, general insecurity, low self-esteem and a lack of confidence, creating anxiety and mild to excessive unhappiness. The modern and complex world has created the fertile ground upon which emotional and psychological pressures are felt much earlier on. Trying to keep up, gain acceptance, fulfil expectations, or fit in, both online and offline can lead to a decline in wellbeing, life-skills, and social interaction.

Mental illness is the leading cause of disability and poor life outcomes for young people, contributing 45% of the overall burden of disease in those aged 10–24 years.

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Once Upon YOUR Time

This project proposal aims at developing and introducing in schools tailored storytelling-based methodologies and biographical work aiming at enhancing students’ capacity to integrate skills, attitudes and behaviors to deal effectively and ethically with daily challenges and form positive identities. The objective is to provide also training opportunities for professionals and, by so doing, enhance students’ mental health and wellbeing.

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